[Twisted-Python] When can I start using web2?

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Wed Oct 5 15:08:37 EDT 2005

[Please move conversation to the twisted-web mailing list, where it  
should've been to begin with]

On Oct 5, 2005, at 1:32 PM, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> Nevow has its own API, why should it even care about the underlying
> infrastructure, be it web or web2?

Nevow replaces and modifies much of the t.web infrastructure. Thus  
some parts are heavily dependent upon t.web as it is now.

> Just port nevow to web2, and then it should work, no? I don't like the
> idea that the nevow API will have to change.
> Or do you want to make the nevow API obsolete, and if so why and what
> was the problem with it? There are existing apps so I think it'd be
> quite important not to require changes to applications while moving  
> from
> web to web2. Best would be to have a switch in nevow, so the  
> application
> can decide if nevow should base itself on top of web or web2 at  
> runtime.

The solution of course is still up in the air, but my view is that  
two things should happen:
1) There _must_ be compatibility with the nevow resource API, similar  
to the already existing compatibility with resources written for the  
web1 resource API.
2) Nevow should aim to divorce itself from the resource API, just  
concerning itself with the rendering process. This would entail  
creating a new class similar to rend.Page but without having its own  
locateChild/renderHTTP, that can then be added into the class for the  
resource model of your framework of choice. I'm not exactly sure how  
that would work, though.


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