[Twisted-Python] Re: flow example doesn't appear to be 'flowing' (James Y Knight)

Todd Greenwood tgreenwoodgeer at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 14:32:55 EDT 2005

 >> Try with two browsers, not two tabs in one browser. Due to the way
 >> the browser implements connection-caching and http keepalive,
 >> sometimes it will not send a second request to the server until the
 >> first one has completely downloaded.
 >> James

James - thanks! Apparently 'File > New Window' wasn't enough with firefox. I had to open a different 
browser (Konqueror) in order to see the expected multi-page rendering in action.

All is working as expected now.

- open http://localhost:8081/ in browser #1 (Firefox)
- open http://localhost:8081/ in browser #2 (Konqueror)
- >> Both pages render random numbers simultaneously, as expected.

Todd Greenwood-Geer
tgreenwoodgeer at yahoo.com

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