[Twisted-Python] [announce] tada-1.3.1 released

clive at darkarts.co.za clive at darkarts.co.za
Tue Oct 4 09:48:42 EDT 2005

This python module is a wrapper module for any DBAPI 2 compatible database
module. It wraps all functions and methods of the origional module and
forces the return of deferreds instead. tada can therefore be considered
to be 'almost' DBAPI compatible as it inherits the compatiblity level of
the wrapped module, but returns twisted deferreds.

tadah - is an additional class: "Tada with Helpers". This class adds some
helper functionality to tada, but breaks strict DBAPI 2 spec.

tao - uses tada and tadah to create an object model for DB access. It is
loosly based on the SQLObject project's usage model, but asynchronous.

mostly minor tweaks, and a couple of minor bug fixes. Also added a mini
demo application that uses the tao of tada with wxPython and


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