[Twisted-Python] One day Twisted documentation sprint

Grant McDonald gmcdonald at infocomp.com
Thu Nov 24 00:47:26 EST 2005


That date knocks me out of the running as I'll be getting back from holidays
abroad that night.  Is it possible to move it a week later perhaps?


P.S. is your email address at puzzling still working?

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I haven't forgotten about this! Unfortunately, with the end of the year,
bushels of work and holiday season sneaking up on me I don't think I
will be able to hold this sprint before the new year.

I'd like to propose the following date for it: Saturday, January 14
2006. (Apologies to the one person who found weekends tough: sounds like
most respondents are busy weekdays.)

Reminder on the basic details: I want to spend a day online with as many
hands as possible *reviewing* Twisted documentation: what's not
up-to-date? what's confusing? what functionality is covered only at an
advanced level with no corresponding beginner or intermediate documents?
what could use more advanced documentation? which documents exhibit
style or practices we want to discourage? what's flat out wrong?

This will give us hopefully enough work for approximately the next
galactical lifetime, the first epoch of which will be a writing sprint
sometime in late February or early March 2006.


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