[Twisted-Python] Weird problem with XMLRPC -> ('405', 'Method Not Allowed')

Remi Cool mailinglists at smartology.nl
Mon Nov 7 02:52:14 EST 2005

Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 11:49 +0100, Remi Cool wrote:
>>One other thing is that pressing CTRL-C when the server is running,
>>results in the RuntimeError: can't stop reactor that isn't running.
>Twisted handles Ctrl-C for you, you don't need to catch
>KeyboardInterrupt or exceptions. Just get rid of all the try/except
>around reactor.run(), and don't call reactor.stop() after reactor.run()
>has returned, which is what you're doing that causes the RuntimeError.
Thanx for solving that problem ... but the '405 Method Not Allowed' 
problem still stands.

If anyone knows the solution, probably very simple (duh), please drop a


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