[Twisted-Python] Unjelly - recursion limit reached

David K. Hess dhess at verscend.com
Fri Nov 4 10:26:08 EST 2005

I've got a PB server that on client connect returns a Cacheable  
object that is at the top of a hierarchy of Cacheables that can grow  
pretty large. I am sometimes seeing an unjelly exception in the  
client on connect due to recursion limit being reached.

I have a theory as to what is going wrong but I wanted to query the  
list about an assumption that I've glossed over at this point. When a  
view_ method is called in a cacheable and the return value is a graph  
of interconnected cacheables, is the return value completely  
serialized at that point? Or is the serialization based on streaming  
data to the client? In other words if the data stream to the client  
stalls then the serialization stalls too?

I'm concerned that my hierarchy of cacheables received by the client  
is inconsistent because it is being modified by another client view_  
call into the server before the previous hierarchy has been fully  
serialized to the first client.

Thanks for any insight into this.


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