[Twisted-Python] Re: IRC: getting auth of a user

Kai Schulte twisted at kampinada.de
Fri Nov 4 07:44:43 EST 2005

Am Freitag, 4. November 2005 13:11 schrieb Michael Hudson:
> Kai Schulte <twisted at kampinada.de> writes:
> > Hello!
> > Sorry if this is the wrong list, or has already been answered.
> Asking in #twisted on freenode might be quicker...
But as I have still work to and this is only for fun, I thought I could wait 
und do some "real" work. ;) 

> > I`m writing a little bot and I need to get the irc-auth of someone who is
> > sending a privmsg to the bot.
> It's unclear to me what this means.  irc-auth meaning "is the user
> authenticated with NickServ?"?
Sorry my fault, I should have explained it better.
On quakenet (the only net, the bot is for) auth means
Identifies you as a particular user on the bot.
This will identify you on the bot as until you quit from IRC.

Usage: /MSG Q at CServe.quakenet.org AUTH <username> <password>
eg. /MSG Q at CServe.quakenet.org AUTH John 4321Jo
So, if someone does a /whois <username> he should get something like:
* [chemosh] (~chemosh at desci.users.quakenet.org): Kai
* [chemosh] @#chemtest @#tc_rul0rn_mit_pudi_und_miko @#real1ife 
+#oneofall-intern +#oneofall +#milchies #row.de @#r1.gn 
* [chemosh] sw2.de.quakenet.org :SplatterWorld QuakeNet server
* [chemosh] is authed as desci
* [chemosh] ~chemosh at p54819A4E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de :Actual 
user at host, Actual IP
* [chemosh] untätig 01:26:53, Online seit: Fri Nov  4 08:51:00
* [chemosh] Ende der WHOIS-Liste.
where this: "* [chemosh] is authed as desci" is the important part.
For the bot It would mean the auth is desci, and desci is the string I would 
like to get. 

I hope that explains it a little bit better

> > Probably it is easy but I can`t figure it out.
> > So any help would be appreciated.
> It might not be totally straightfoward :/

> Cheers,
> mwh

Thanks Kai

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