[Twisted-Python] Re: IRC: getting auth of a user

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Fri Nov 4 07:11:13 EST 2005

Kai Schulte <twisted at kampinada.de> writes:

> Hello!
> Sorry if this is the wrong list, or has already been answered.

Asking in #twisted on freenode might be quicker...

> I`m writing a little bot and I need to get the irc-auth of someone who is 
> sending a privmsg to the bot.

It's unclear to me what this means.  irc-auth meaning "is the user
authenticated with NickServ?"?

> Probably it is easy but I can`t figure it out.
> So any help would be appreciated.

It might not be totally straightfoward :/


  It's actually a corruption of "starling".  They used to be carried.
  Since they weighed a full pound (hence the name), they had to be
  carried by two starlings in tandem, with a line between them.
                 -- Alan J Rosenthal explains "Pounds Sterling" on asr

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