[Twisted-Python] Evangelism notes...

Norm Petterson njp at njp.us
Wed May 4 22:50:32 EDT 2005

Darran Edmundson wrote:

> P.S.  Of course a paper book would also do wonders ...

+1 here...

I carry Alex Martelli's Python in a Nutshell around with me every day. 
Alex, if you're listening, how about a book on Twisted?

Several books introduce Twisted positively (e.g., Goerzen's recent 
Foundations of Python Network Programming), but the lack of a complete 
print reference has made me a little hesitant to emphasize my reliance 
on it in recent customer projects. Heck, I have enough trouble 
convincing my customers that Python is supportable (e.g., "we're a 
Microsoft shop here..."), so I hide my use of Twisted in the packaging. 
Thanks again, Cory, for ntsvc...

Keep up the good work,


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