[Twisted-Python] Docs for twisted

Christiano Anderson anderson at pegasus.eti.br
Thu Mar 31 08:16:24 EST 2005

Ken Whitesell <kwhitesell at adelphia.net> writes:

> 1) The docs I'd like to see would be of a more tutorial nature - it
>    would seem to me that they would be the easiest way to reach a
>    "lights on" stage. The sample code is good - and the finger
>    tutorial is fine (for what it addresses) - but there are still lots
>    of bits & pieces that seem to be hidden.

I agree with you. Twisted may be easy for who know python very well and
can dig through pydoc, epydoc and so on. It's a pain for beginners. If
Twisted had a good documentation, tutorial, howtos, it would gain lots of
new users and developers. I am trying to write some tutorials by myself
and helping some friends who is trying to learn Twisted and
Twisted.web. This tutorial is on early stage, if someone else is doing
the same, I think we could join efforts and make a good tutorial and
also explore these pieces that seem to be hidden. 

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