[Twisted-Python] HTTP File Posting and Retrieving

Steve Milner smilner at trinityz.com
Mon Mar 21 16:12:42 EST 2005

Steve Milner wrote:

> Hello List,
> I'm looking to use Twisted to download and upload files via HTTP. I've 
> looked at the examples for web.client but am still a bit confused (and 
> am wondering if maybe there is a different class I should be working 
> with). My questions are:
> 1.) How can I upload a file
> 2.) How can I download a file and get the headers for parsing (size 
> and whatnot).
> Thanks in advance,
> Steve

I'm still having problems trying to get Twisted to do this. Can anyone 
point me to working code that does something similar (or can explain it 
on the list)?


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