[Twisted-Python] Creating a dynamic FTP server

Jonathan Simms slyphon at twistedmatrix.com
Sun Mar 20 02:27:37 EST 2005

On Mar 14, 2005, at 5:26 PM, Jason Rust wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been poking around in the code and documentation for a bit now 
> and wanted
> to see if the following project would be doable with twisted before I
> actually started coding it:
> We want a FTP server where all the files and directories are 
> "virtual."  The
> actual files would be in a database and the folders shown to a user 
> would be
> based on the time of day and who the user is.  When getting or putting 
> a file
> it would pull or put it into the database backend.
> Would something like this be possible with the twisted FTP module?
> Thanks,
> -Jason
> __________________

well, it would, but you should be forewarned that the twisted FTP module
is buggy and messy. I know that because I wrote the server 
implementation. ;)

Oh, also there's no implementation for PUT, which kind of sucks.

But since you want to make the backend virtual, it shouldn't be too 
hard (well,
*impossible*) to make it work.

I've been meaning to go back and fix this code for a long time, but it 
just keeps
getting pushed off.

Anyway, if you have specific questions about the implementation, I may 
be able
to assist you.

-Jonathan Simms

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