[Twisted-Python] Synchronous Wrapper for Deferreds

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Sat Mar 19 01:12:36 EST 2005

No, and a google search reveals that there has been relatively little 
dicussion about them. They do look like at least part of what I need. It 
hadn't occured to me to even look in the unit testing stuff - thanks.


Eric Mangold wrote:

>Did anyone tell you about twisted.trial.util.deferredResult and
>>A day or two ago, I inquired on IRC about making calls from an existing
>>synchronous script. The script is not related to any Twisted activity,
>>so minimal intervention was sort of a goal. Obviously this doesn't work
>>on non-transient objects such as Perspective Broker ones, but here's
>>what I came up with... (See attached) Obviously there is some cleaning
>>up to do, but it demonstrates the idea.
>>I have three questions: (1) I know this isn't the ideal way to use
>>Twisted, but is there anything inherently problematic about my solution
>>for one-off calls to Twisted. (2) I understand there are problems with
>>running the same reactor twice. What are those problems and is there a
>>recommended work around? (3) Are there any ideas on making a synchronous
>>version of a Perspective Broker client to integrate into existing
>>synchronous applications more easily?

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