[Twisted-Python] potential bug in the reactor's handling events loop

Andrzej Leszczynski leszczynscy at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 17:57:20 EST 2005

James Y Knight wrote:
> On Mar 4, 2005, at 8:38 AM, Andrzej Leszczynski wrote:
>> Andrzej Leszczynski wrote:
>>> Python 2.3, one of the latest Twisted version:
>> Is this list alive. If no, what is the place I might ask for a help. I 
>> am quite new to the Python (but no to the development), so sorry for 
>> asking such a question.
> I ignored your message because 1) The patch is unreadable, and backwards 
> (please use unified diff format) 2) at first glance appears to just add 
> print statements, and 3) It's not a problem that I've ever had.
> I suspect other people did the same.
> James

Sorry for the shortcuts.  It was not a patch but rather what I touched 
to make it working. I promise to use diff -u next time. print-s were my 
way of debugging.

Re the problem itself. I still encounter it under newest version of 
Twisted 1.3 and Python on Linux 2.4. But not on M$. Since it is a part 
of bigger construct I work on I can just send the sources. As soon as 
get some time I will send the narrowed down version.

For now I can suspect it is related to the threads I use in it 
extensively. I atested that reactor without those threads is ctrl-c-able.

I will come back to that at some point, it still intrigues me and is IMO 
the best way to learn internals of any framework ...


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