[Twisted-Python] PyICQ-t and Twisted Was: How to uninstall Twisted 2.0?

Daniel Henninger jadestorm at nc.rr.com
Tue Mar 15 07:56:28 EST 2005

> Well, since I know (of) pyicq-t, you might first want to look into the
> fact that you have all xish and jabber support (from 1.3, with my personal
> patches) in the tlib directory, so you are mixing Twisted 1.3 and 2.0
> here.

This is true, but is there yet an official release that we can point
people at that has all of the patches?  The problem before was we were
having to tell people to pull SVN, or download a patched version of
twisted, or something of that nature, and that was getting way too
confusing for the end user.  At this particular point in time, we can say
"just download straight out of the box 1.3.0 Twisted, install it, and you
are good to go".  There were a couple of patches submitted in the past
that never seemed to be accepted or even responded to, so honestly, I
think we kind of gave up.  (these patches weren't submitted by me)

oscar.py I explicitly pulled out after talking to the author.  I was also
to understand that the chat stuff was being pulled from Twisted core into
something else, so it appeared that pulling the jabber stuff was also
important.  Is this not true?  Domish was more of a "the current state was
causing us problems so we needed a fix" issue I believe.  Maybe this is a
good time to simply ask:

jabber tree... will this stay with Twisted core?  i'm not sure there is
anything we've actually changed with this tree.
oscar.py... is this indeed being pulled out?  We've done quite a few
enhancements to it so it's far from what it was in Twisted.  (at some
point when I consider it stable, I was going to send it back to the author
if he was interested)
msn.py... similar situation to oscar.py
domish.py/xmlstream.py... these are obviously important parts of twisted
itself but that weren't working well as is.  I can get more details on
this.  If both are fixed well in Twisted 2.0, we may be able to begin
pulling out tlib stuff and tell people to use Twisted 2.0 instead.  All in
all, we would like to be able to point people at a release, not an svn
tree.  Besides, I've run into numerous people that don't have/want svn
installed ( =( ), or who's company/whatever firewalls prevented getting to
svn trees.

Anyway, I've been extremely pleased with Twisted ever since I first
started working with it.  It's worked wonders for the functionality we
have used with PyICQ-t, PyAIM-t, and James's PyMSN-t.  So please don't
consider this a bash of Twisted or anything.  =)

Would it help if I popped in the irc chatroom for a bit to discuss these
things 'in person'?


> It might be a good idea to get rid of the stuff, first. All my patches
> (better
> and more) are in Twisted SVN now.
> --
> Groetjes,
> ralphm
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