[Twisted-Python] Weekly Bug Summary

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Mar 14 17:58:15 EST 2005

Bug summary
Since 2005-03-05 04:13:21.060000:
  Bugs opened: 9   Bugs closed: 17   Total open bugs: 326 (-8)
   Urgent: 9 (+2)
   Bug: 118 (-13)
   Feature: 131 (+2)
   Wish: 68 (+1)

New / Reopened Bugs
                     ==== Bug ====
twisted.python.rebuild fails if python 2.4's decimal module is imported 
  (1 1/4 hours ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue921 opened by marienz

e-mail followup rejected  (2 days ago)
CLOSED http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue920 opened by zooko

roundup exception  (2 days ago)
CLOSED http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue919 opened by zooko

[CORE] If program has > 1024 fds, the select() used in t.i.process can 
fail  (3 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue918 opened by itamarst

[DOCUMENTATION] Not all the examples in the 
twisted.application.strports docstring are valid  (3 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue917 opened by exarkun

xmlrpc.QueryFactory failed to catch some exceptions  (5 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue914 opened by maoy

                     ==== Feature ====
.buildProtocol((host, port)) is unsuitable for e.g. UNIX domain 
sockets; use t.i.address  (4 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue915 opened by Tv

[CONCH] signal to conch to reconnect  (4 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue916 opened by z3p

                     ==== Wish ====
Add test cases for twisted.words.protocols.jabber.client  (12 minutes 
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue922 opened by ralphm

Bugs Closed
                     ==== Urgent ====
[PATCH] fix twisted.words.protocols.jabber.jid to add stringprep  (1 
week ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue912 opened by ralphm, closed 
by ralphm

plugins.tml doesn't work with split up packages  (2 weeks ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue906 opened by exarkun, closed 
by exarkun

[WIN32] problems with Twisted-2.0.0a1 on Windows  (1 month ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue891 opened by manlio, closed 
by radix

setgroups() raises when given too many groups, and nothing handles the 
error  (11 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue600 opened by exarkun, closed 
by jknight

[TRIAL] t.trial.util.wait deprecates, but doesn't replace  (3 months 
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue795 opened by teratorn, 
closed by exarkun

[RELEASE MANAGEMENT] Change setup.cfg so bdist_rpm uses 
admin/twisted.spec  (18 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue260 opened by wkv, closed by 

                     ==== Bug ====
[CHAT] [PATCH] Digest jabber authentication never tried  (14 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue448 opened by ralphm, closed 
by ralphm

e-mail followup rejected  (2 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue920 opened by zooko, closed 
by radix

roundup exception  (2 days ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue919 opened by zooko, closed 
by radix

twisted.cred.portal.IRealm docstring for parameters  (5 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue740 opened by thomasvs, 
closed by radix

adbapi prints value of connection password to log file  (1 month ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue871 opened by itamarst, 
closed by radix

t.test.test_application.TestConvert fails without t.web  (1 month ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue877 opened by marienz, closed 
by radix

[DOCUMENTATION] Make a separate tutorial index page  (1 month ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue889 opened by hypatia, closed 
by radix

t.names.client.ThreadedResolver should be in core?  (3 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue790 opened by jknight, closed 
by exarkun

[CORE] [PATCH] t.p.usage uses passed arguments rather than real 
defaults when displaying help  (5 months ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue743 opened by itamarst, 
closed by jml

[CONCH] _scanDirectory broken  (2 weeks ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue904 opened by spiv, closed by 

[CONCH] No ProtocolWrapper defined in twisted/conch/ssh/session.py  (2 
weeks ago)
        http://twistedmatrix.com/bugs/issue905 opened by spiv, closed by 

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