[Twisted-Python] newbie: scheduling/queuing tasks with xmlrpc

Dustin Lee qhfgva at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 00:21:14 EST 2005

So I've made my first twisted application, an xmlrpc server, using
authentication and ssl.  Kinds scary how easy it was actually.  I now
need to add some sort of queuing or scheduling capabilities.  Don't
know if this is something that twisted knows how to do natively or if
it's something I need to grow from scratch.  My googling hasn't turned
up anything that seems to fit.

Basically the idea is that the server will receive a variety of
requests to perform tasks.  Some of these will be very quick to do and
some will take several minutes (perhaps up to an hour).  Some tasks
must run alone and some can run in parallel with others.  Even just a
simple FIFO type queuing would be fine to start.

Any pointers on how to proceed?


Dustin Lee

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