[Twisted-Python] process directory or alike in Twisted?

Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com
Mon Mar 7 03:27:56 EST 2005

> I want the application to be divided into processes,
> each dealing with a specific aspect of the
> application; some in a central server and some in
> arbitrary machines in a local network. I'll use the
> Perspective Broker protocol for communication, but I
> want each process to know the addresses of all the
> others and be able to communicate with the others
> without prior knowledge of their location. How is it
> usual to do such a thing? 

I suggest you look at Zeroconf, and read the current thread:  Anyone have
any code or links to code related to using ZeroConf / Rendezous with

I think that Zeroconf has the sort of capability you're after.

The bad news is that it is not (yet?) in twisted. Hence the thread.

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