[Twisted-Python] clients of perspective brokers

Joachim Boomberschloss boomberschloss at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 6 12:49:11 EST 2005

I have a question about clients of perspective
brokers: I want the processes of my application to be
able to connect arbitrarily to other processes in a
local network without assuming their existence or
location in advance. In the Twisted examples and
how-tos, however, the idiom seems to be defining
a-priori the other clients and servers in the network
(usually before calling reactor.run, or as part of an
application’s configuration). My question is, are
there any restrictions on calling reactor.connectTCP
(or similar) arbitrarily during the execution of the
program, is there any cleanup to do when not requiring
the other party anymore, etc.

Also, it is unclear to me how reconnection works for
perspective broker clients. If a connection is dropped
by the server, and then a clients tries to make a
method call on a remote object, will the client
factory try to reconnect before making the request, or
will the request fail, and re-connection be attempted
the next time, etc.?



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