[Twisted-Python] potential bug in the reactor's handling events loop

Andrzej Leszczynski leszczynscy at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 20:39:00 EST 2005

Python 2.3, one of the latest Twisted version:

I noted that under Linux there is not way to Control-C the reactor loop. 
After digging a little I found that following change helps:

[root at d1501-0a10109c internet]# diff base.py{,.ori}
<       print "1",sysEvtTriggers
<       print "2",`self._eventTriggers`
<         for callable, args, kw in sysEvtTriggers[1]:
<           print "3"
 >         for callable, args, kw in sysEvtTriggers[0]:
<           print "4"
<           print "5",`eventType`

Of course it is quick work around, not a permanent fix, but it really helps.

Please advice, Andy

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