[Twisted-Python] Re: Patch to support DNS updates

Jeff Silver jeff at jamcupboard.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 12:48:58 EST 2005

> Size of python data types is pretty irrelevant when DNS SOA serial
> number is an unsigned 32-bit number. January 1st, 2043 would be
> 4301010000
> which is > 2**32, and thus invalid.

Ahhh! I see. Thanks. I'll do something different.

> This is all pretty academical, of course. It's just that you've created
> a totally new _class_ of y2k-like bugs, with your
> YYYYMMDDHHMM - 200000000000 scheme, and I think that's worth some kind
> of a prize.

How kind! Maybe that balances out the one real y2k bug I fixed in 1999.
I'm still looking forward to the year 2008 bug that no-one seems to be worried
about (2-digit year read by a program/language that treats leading zero as an
octal indicator - and yes, I have seen an example).

Thanks again for your comments.

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