[Twisted-Python] Australian Twisted Sprint #2: 19th - 21st August 2005, Sydney

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Tue Jun 14 16:47:14 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

We're still in the early stages of planning, but I thought I'd get the
date out there as soon as I could. Following the success of the
Twisted sprint in Hobart in April, we're having a second sprint.

Dates: Friday 19th - Sunday 21st August 2005

Location: Sydney (venue not yet known)

As with last time, there will be no attendence charge and sprinters will
be taking care of their own accommodation and transport. Once we have a
venue we'll have some suggestions.

We'll be working on code and documentation hopefully destined for the
Twisted Subversion repository. People not really familiar with Twisted
are welcome but will probably at least want to have the basics down by
the time of the sprint.

More details will be announced here, also see the wiki at
People interested in coming should update
and email me, so that we have an idea of numbers.


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