[Twisted-Python] Any Message Queue recommendations

Brett Viren bv at bnl.gov
Fri Jun 10 00:38:32 EDT 2005

Ross Jekel <ross at sourcelabs.com> writes:

> Thanks Brett. Pretty much everything you describe is supposed to be in
> xmlBlaster using the xmlrpc interface.

Indeed.  I should have looked up xmlBlaster before replying.  I didn't
realize what it was.  It looks pretty cool and just what I need as
well.  As the page says:

  This is the publish/subscribe middleware server you have needed many
  times before, now available for free to glue together your
  distributed client/server application.

Only minor downer is that it isn't written in Python....

It even has some kind of authentication which we will probably end up
requiring.  I've been thinking about how to bolt on an SSH port
forwarding based authentication to my scheme.  That may still be worth
pursuing as my environment tends to let SSH through firewalls.

>  I can give you the start of a
> class that helps access xmlBlaster asynchronously if you want to check
> it out.

Yes, that would be great, thanks.


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