[Twisted-Python] Any Message Queue recommendations

Ross Jekel ross at sourcelabs.com
Thu Jun 9 18:45:35 EDT 2005

I'm writing several service processes that unfortunately need to
integrate with Java, PHP, and potentially C/C++ programs (non-legacy).
I've been searching for a message queuing layer that would support
Python/C++/PHP and Java clients (JMS is not necessarily a requirement). 

Short of writing my own messaging layer with twisted :-), I looked at
xmlBlaster which integrates well with all the languages but its complex
configuration makes it less that ideal to use. 

If anyone has any recommendations, could you please let me know.
Distributed message queuing combined with twisted services makes an good
combination. If there isn't anything better, I'll keep trying to make
xmlBlaster work and I'll contribute my twisted/xmlBlaster integration
when it is polished and solid.


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