[Twisted-Python] PB: New credentials checker?

Steve Freitas sflist at ihonk.com
Sat Jul 23 03:00:51 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to invent my own checkers, with associated credentials, and
still use the pbClientFactory's login() function. I saw, however, that
the source in pb.py notes that, for now, login() only works with
IUsernamePassword: "Currently only credentials implementing
IUsernamePassword are supported." (twisted/spread/pb.py, line 1611).

So I started by subclassing the pbClientFactory, making my own login()
function, and _cbSendUsername() and _cbResponse(), and then as I
realized PB is using its own challenge response mechanism, it just
started getting more complicated than I thought it probably should.

So what's my best option -- continue on the path I'm on, or just
serialize the data I need into the username and password fields in the
standard checkers? Or is there an easier way I'm missing?



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