[Twisted-Python] Receiving large packets with TCP (solved)

Stefan Näwe naewe.s at atlas.de
Mon Jul 11 08:33:20 EDT 2005

Näwe, Stefan schrieb:
> Hi.
> I'm using Twisted (2.0.1) for a TCP-based receiver.
> That receiver receives different telegrams sent by another process.
> Those telegrams are sent on different ports (i.e. one telegram type
> is sent on one port). The sizes of the telegram vary from ~16 bytes
> to ~8 kB.
> Everything works perfectly. I've really never been *that*
> productive.
> BUT:
> I'm having trouble receiving the whole contents of large telegrams.
> For example one telegram is exactly 7452 bytes long but I only get
> 2920 bytes.
> [...]

Actually, after sending the message I came up with a working solution
that does exactly what Christopher and David suggested.

So I would say this is solved.

Thanks a lot!

Happy Twisting!

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