[Twisted-Python] Questions regarding serviceCollection and Interfaces.

Glyph Lefkowitz glyph at divmod.com
Mon Jul 11 03:52:35 EDT 2005

kgi wrote:

> If anyone has any information on either (1) getting a single postfix instance 
> to work with multiple relayhosts for multiple "identities", or (2) 
> configuring kmail to send directly to gmail over TLS, I'd love to hear how 
> you did it. I found lots of generic configuration info for kmail, but I 
> couldn't get kmail to manage it whatever I did.

No, but I do know of an email services company that provides a 
kmail-compatible IMAPS and SMTP/TLS implementation (using Twisted, even) ;-)

http://divmod.com/; contact me privately for a ticket.

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