[Twisted-Python] Re: O'Reilly book on Twisted coming in October

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Mon Jul 4 18:20:36 EDT 2005

Abe, this is great to hear! Congratulations and very best of success to
you and the book. I for one will be looking to buy it ASAP.

P.S. - Apparently your blogging software is based on PHP rather than
Twisted. :-/ From your link, I just get an error "Error establishing a
database connection. This either means that the username and password
information in your wp-config.php file is incorrect or we can't contact
the database server at localhost." 

Best regards,
Ed Suominen

Abe Fettig wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm happy to announce that O'Reilly is going to publish my book on
> Twisted. It's scheduled for release in October. The working title is
> Twisted Network Programming Essentials.
> I've been working on this book since the end of last year, but I've
> been
> waiting to announce it until I knew that it was definitely going to be
> published in the reasonably near future. At this point it's in the
> editing stage, and O'Reilly has put it on their production schedule
> for
> an October release. So spread the word - there's a Twisted book
> coming!
> For a description of what the book covers (and what it doesn't), see
> this post on my weblog:
> http://fettig.net/weblog/2005/06/30/my-book-on-twisted/
> Thanks to all the Twisted developers for creating such an amazing
> framework. The more I learn about Twisted (and I learned a lot while
> writing this book), the more I'm impressed. I hope this book helps
> many
> more people to get started with Twisted, and that it's the first of
> many
> more books to come.
> Abe

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