[Twisted-Python] Event queue in the Python std lib

Bob Ippolito bob at redivi.com
Fri Jul 1 16:28:10 EDT 2005

On Jul 1, 2005, at 10:01 AM, Stephen Waterbury wrote:

> James Y Knight wrote:
>> I would suggest instead that python should distribute a selected  
>> set  of "recommended extras" as part of the installer, which  
>> would  basically be complete 3rd party packages, included just  
>> for  convenience. Twisted core would make a good package to  
>> include there,  as would many others.
> I agree with James's position:  Twisted should be one of a number
> of Python "recommended extras" (I also agree with Glyph and Itamar
> that asyncore should be deprecated).
> IMO, that approach accomplishes everything that could be hoped
> for by incorporating a reactor-like event loop in the std library:
> (1) makes Twisted more visible to anyone looking for a "simple,
> flexible event loop", and (equally important) add the context of
> the deferred api and some well-tested goodies with asynchronous
> api's (like adbapi) and (2) does not create any gratuitous wrinkles
> (like a potential stdlib fork) for the current well-oiled Twisted
> development machine's minions to have to deal with.  ;)
> Bob's point about "credibility" is well-taken, but I think having
> Twisted designated as an official Python "recommended extra"
> would accomplish that as well.

I just wanted to point out that I agree with James' position too, but  
was speaking towards the "what if ideas from Twisted were to be  
included", rather than "what should actually happen".

Python's standard library should dissolve into just the bits required  
to support simple scripts and EasyInstall/eggs.


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