[Twisted-Python] Event queue in the Python std lib

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Fri Jul 1 05:56:08 EDT 2005


I know some of you guys have already thinking about this but ...

A couple of weeks ago we had a bit of a chat (flame? ;-)) in #twisted 
about the idea of moving parts of Twisted, specifically the event loop, 
into the std lib. So, at Europython I had a quick chat with GvR about it 

GvR would really, really like to get a simple, flexible event loop into 
the std lib and thinks that Twisted is likely the best starting point 
since Twisted probably integrates with more event driven toolkits than 
anything else.

Obviously, having the event loop part in the std lib has a number of 
benefits but it should also put pressure on all event driven toolkits to 
conform to the common API. Everything would then work together and the 
world would be a happier, shinier place ;-).

GvR suggested that someone should start a PEP to talk around, which 
seems like a sensible thing to do, although I don't know if anyone with 
enough knowledge of the reactor and working with other event loops has 
time right now.

Cheers, Matt

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