[Twisted-Python] bad AFS/Twisted interaction (was: Starting MoinMoin as nonroot Linux User)

Chris Hanson cph at csail.mit.edu
Fri Jan 28 09:26:53 EST 2005

   Date: Mon Dec 20 21:02:04 2004
   From: stage3 at us.ibm.com (Garrett Rolfs)

   I fear I'm missing something basic and overlooked something already
   documented.  Hopefully someone will set me straight.  I'm attempting
   to play with MoinMoin using twisted as the webserver.  I'm running on
   linux using python 2.3.4 and twisted 1.3.0 as a nonroot user.  When I
   attempt to start MoinMoin, I see the following in the log:

I am seeing the same problem with an online tutorial system being
developed here at MIT.  The problem is directly related to the use of
AFS, which adds two high-numbered groups to the user's list, as
reported by "id -G".  If I authenticate using standard passwords,
those groups aren't present and Twisted starts fine.

This is an urgent problem for us.  Next week, we will start teaching a
class that uses this system.  Since AFS is in widespread use here at
MIT, the students will be using AFS for their home directories.

I'd like to get this fixed, either by some kind of patch, or by a
workaround.  Does anyone on the list have any ideas about this?

The only thing I can think of doing is to change initgroups to filter
out the bad groups.


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