[Twisted-Python] VFS

Tim Terlegård tim at se.linux.org
Sun Jan 23 04:56:51 EST 2005

I'm thinking about implementing an application that can browse
filesystems (through ssh,ftp etc), databases, snmp mibs, zip/tar/gz
files, a little toolbox where you can do all kinds of stuff with an mc
like interface. Did anyone implement this already?

I've checked the examples on the twistedmatrix site and all protocols
like ssh, ftp, imap seem to have their own interface. IMHO, a common
interface for browsing would be nice, something like VFS (e.g. Gnome
VFS). With Gnome VFS you have the same interface for webdav, ftp, gzip,
cdda and others.

Also, IMHO, simpleftpclient.py and simplesshclient.py should differ only
one or very few lines, the authentication part. Everything else should
be the same.

Am I making sense? What do you think about this?


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