[Twisted-Python] Re: [noob][Q] Is Twisted the right tool for my job?

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Sat Jan 22 14:18:16 EST 2005

> I am fairly experienced with Python (I also use wxPython a lot), and
> I have a fair amount of experience with TCP/IP in terms of mechanics
> and troubleshooting.  I have almost no experience in network
> programming.
> I am working on a computer graphics application (Python/C++ hybrid)
> which demands a lot of CPU time.  I am in the planning stages of
> converting it to distribute the work over many computers on the same
> local network (although I would eventually like to expand that as
> well).
> There will be a main computer which checks to see who is available to
> participate.  That main computer will also be helping with the
> processing load.  After that, it is basically all computers sending
> out either requests for information or sending data in response to a
> request (data can also be sent unsolicited).
> So I guess my question is--is Twisted more than what I need?

Of course it is, and all for the better. At the same time, it's
*exactly* what you need. :-)

> I am sure it will do the job.  I have read quite a bit of material on
> the web site already.

And you are probably right.

> But would it be faster and easier to just code this by hand

It most probably wouldn't, since you state not having much experience in
network programming.

> or to use some other network programming framework/development tool?

None there I know of, in the Python world, and maybe elsewhere too.
Perspective Broker alone is a dream come true, for distributed applications.

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