[Twisted-Python] How to install twisted in gobolinux using Receipes

orbitz orbitz at ezabel.com
Tue Jan 4 12:16:09 EST 2005

A Gobolinux mailing list sounds like a better place to ask such a question.

praba mosas wrote:

>Dear All,
>     If anybody using twisted in Gobolinux please
>my doubt.  How to install twisted in Gobolinux using
>Receipes?. Here two ways to install Twisted one is
>Using Receipes another Using Install Package command
>but I want to know only how to install Twisted using
>Receipes. The main problem is Receipes not available
>for twisted in Gobolinux
>    Please ignore this message other platform using 
>People because only gobolinux using community can
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