[Twisted-Python] Re: linux kernel 2.6.11-rc broke twisted process pipes

Andrea Arcangeli andrea at cpushare.com
Mon Feb 28 15:31:54 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 01:14:52PM -0700, twisted-python-owner at twistedmatrix.com wrote:
> Twisted is doing this for the process writer doRead operation:
>     def doRead(self):
>         """The only way this pipe can become readable is at EOF, because the
>         child has closed it.
>         """
>         fd = self.fd
>         r, w, x = select.select([fd], [fd], [], 0)
>         if r and w:
>             return CONNECTION_LOST

One more separate issue unrelated to the poll sematics: why is the above
using select? I'm using the process protocol on the server side too, and
I used ulimit -n 40000 on the server side. The above will break badly if
I'll ever reach > 1024 connection simultaneously.

Overall I hope the above code never has to trigger, why isn't it using
the pollreactor anyway? Is it dead code or what?

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