[Twisted-Python] Any examples of an authenticating XMLRPC server?

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Sun Feb 27 03:46:21 EST 2005

Hey Jordan and Andy,

Attached are the modules of my app that handle XMLRPC
and web basic auth over SSL.  Note that there's no nevow
here, but the same auth facility is used for both a
simple static web interface and the XMLRPC service.
You can see some vestigial (and inactive) PB stubs,
which await time and my grokking Brian's new PB stuff.
(Anyway I hadn't yet extended pgercred to support
PB ... an exercise for the reader ... and if any
readers want to hack on that, I'd love to see it ...
that would make things much more interesting!  :)

Jp's advice, which has since faded into the dark
backward and abysm of my head, had to do with some
refactoring of pgercred ... hey jp, maybe you could
remind me, if you have a chance to peek at it again!

The pgertap, pgerxmlrpc, and pgercred modules are server-side
and xmlrpcinterface is a client module.  They are not
runnable without some more stuff from the app (see below),
and I haven't taken the time to create a self-contained
runnable example along these lines, but I think it wouldn't
be too hard, and IMO a nice addition to twisted's examples.

Acknowledgement:  the code that does the work in pgercred
is based on an example that Moshe did a while back (I don't
remember exactly what I copied, but I think the main thing
was most or all of the BasicAuthResource class).

The "engine" that gets passed to pgerxmlrpc is the guy that
handles the application logic (he sits above an adbapi
layer and other assorted back-end stuff).  I didn't include
that module because it's not relevant to this thread, but
if anyone is curious, I put a tarball of the app at:


Caveats:  it contains some horriblenesses, not much doc,
and I haven't released it "publicly" yet.  We used to have
anonymous access set up for CVS on ned (remember, radix? ;),
but NASA/GSFC has tightened up its firewalls considerably
since then ... rats!  :(

Critiques or razberries welcomed, as long as they're
constructive razberries!  :)


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