[Twisted-Python] Any examples of an authenticating XMLRPC server?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Fri Feb 25 18:27:20 EST 2005

I'd like to add a number of XMLRPC services to an existing Nevow site 
that's both SSL encrypted and Guarded.  However, when I take the 
straightforward tack of adding an XMLRPC instance to my site as /RPC , 
the client is unable to connect.  It appears as though the client 
(Python's xmlrpclib) can't negotiate a login with the Nevow guard.

Reading Andre Dalke's post (and the subsequent replies):


it seems as though a rewrite of cred about a year and a half ago should 
have made it possible to use cred for doing the authentication required 
for both form-based and HTTP-AUTH-based queries (such as xmlrpclib 
uses).  However, I'm not sure how all of that would interact with the 
Guard mechanisms (e.g. creating sessions, redirecting between forms, and 
the like).

Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone has any code that does this, or 
information about the current state-of-the-art.

Enjoy yourselves,

  Mike C. Fletcher
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