[Twisted-Python] using spread/perspective broker

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 12:47:13 EST 2005

First off, the main reason I'm looking at this is more for perception
than real need.  My application is geared for medium/larger sized
companies and those people want to know that the software is going to
take advantage of their multiple cpu servers.  In reality it's an IO
bound application and cpu usage would just not be an issue from what I
can tell.

In any case I'm looking at ways to make it possible for it to run on
multiple cpu's by being able to start up several processes and have
them share the load.  It looks like perspective broker is the right
tool for the interprocess communication.  My thought was that in a
pool of processes, you would designate one of them to handle incoming
connections and distribute them to other processes, which process the
request, hand it back to the master, which sends the data back to the
client.  In addition, there should be some way to have the slave
processes upgrade themselves to a master if the master process dies.

This is all way more complicated than I would like though, and I'm
hoping there is possibly a simpler solution.  Any ideas?

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