[Twisted-Python] 2.0.0 pre-pre-release

Michal Chruszcz troll at pld-linux.org
Mon Feb 7 12:31:37 EST 2005

It seems like on Sunday 06 of February 2005 23:41, Christopher Armstrong 
> Yeah, I might accept the "backwards compatibility with existing
> dependencies" argument, but I don't think it's something that's
> necessary for general use. In a post-split world, deb packages that
> use Twisted stuff will depend on specific twisted subproject packages.
> Anyway, I'm not the one doing the deb packages, but there are my two
> cents.

You must remember that splitting into several packages from one tarball is 
much simpler than doing so using several different .spec files (each for 
one tarball) or bearing with many Sources in one big .spec. Moreover one 
tarball allows packagers to create -doc and -examples packages containing 
such things for whole Twisted.
Personally I am a PLD Linux developer and until now (the one-tarball-distro 
version of Twisted 1.3) there are separate packages for docs, examples, ssl 
and some other, which I actually don't know what are they for and, believe 
me, managing packaging Twisted from one tarball plus splitting different 
parts into separate RPMs is really simpler than managing e.g. ten 
different .spec's. I know that because Xfce is distributed in dozens of 
tarballs, each has its own .spec file and both upgrading and reorganization 
of Xfce is a bit annoying.
Summarizing, no, I'm not against changes. I'm only trying to insist on 
distributing Twisted also in one "gimme-all" tarball. ;-)

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