[Twisted-Python] New user questions

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 23:54:06 EST 2005

> Hmm, could you first explain why you're using apache and mod_python?
> From your description I can't tell if there is any good reason.
> -Eric

I use mod python for performance reasons.  Response time is critical.
At the time I started this project I had no background in python but
had used mod perl extensively, so I just plugged in mod python and
started using it.

A framework that lets me create my own protocols and has a smaller
footprint then apache is a huge plus, which is why I'm looking at
alternatives.  Plus there aren't many python servers that have stable
ssl support, twisted being one of the only ones I've found.

>From reading the docs it looks like using berkeleydb might be
problematic though, and since my applications all block I would need
to learn how to handle that in twisted which doesn't look too
difficult, but not exactly trivial either.


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