[Twisted-Python] RE: Twisted-Python Re: How do I get at the Application object (us ing twistd)

Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com
Fri Feb 4 03:17:19 EST 2005

> > It looked so elegant just to re-use the shutdown code!
> But it's not reliable. 
> ... 
> It's better to just write your app-specific configuration to 
> a text file every N minutes,
> ...
> -- 
> Alex Levy

OK. I'm convinced (especially regarding the (in)ability to edit
the configuration). I'll look at extending twisted.names to be
able to write its configuration out in the same format(s) that
it reads (unless it can already do this and I haven't noticed).
Then I can do that each time an update occurs.

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