[Twisted-Python] How do I get at the Application object (using twistd) to save it?

Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com Jeff.Silver at edl.uk.eds.com
Wed Feb 2 06:23:41 EST 2005

Twisted documentation says I can manually save my application by using the
'save' method on the Application object. That's fine if I'm creating the
Application object myself, but how do I get at this object if I'm using
twistd to start it?

I've looked at twistd.py, but that seems to use only local variables to hold
the application object. Do I have to extend twistd with a getMyApplication

Background: This is for my work on extending twisted.names to handle DNS
updates (as mentioned in an earlier post: Jan 31 2005). Each time I get an
update, I want to save the application to disk.
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