[Twisted-Python] xpost: multiple job openings

Paul G paul-lists at perforge.com
Mon Dec 19 15:27:55 EST 2005


i'm crossposting this to twisted-python-l and twisted-web-l for the benefit 
of those who don't read both. apologies to those who will consequently have 
to read this twice.

We've got multiple job openings for great engineers familiar with python and 
twisted, senior and junior positions available. We're building a small team 
of folks who like working hard, solving interesting problems, writing clean 
code and having fun doing it. If you got into coding because that's where 
the money was in the '90s, please skip this one and see my next job posting 
where I'm recruiting bodyguards for work in the Persian Gulf.

The dev team is run by an engineer ('run' in the sense that I shield you 
from the crazy business folk), so it is a strict meritocracy. You will be 
working on rebuilding/refactoring an existing PHP (ugh) web application into 
python services built on top of twisted as well as implementing new 
features. This is a high volume system, with millions of transactions a 
day - if you dig concurrency, you won't be bored. Must be able to handle the 
excitement ;)

* We're looking for great engineers - while your ability to discuss 
Wittgenstein over our 5th beer is welcome,
  a piece of paper^W^W^Wdiploma is not required.
* You should be old enough not to get us in trouble with Amnesty 
International for child exploitation.
* Experience working on hobby, open source and commercial projects counts 
with me.
* Python/Twisted and SQL a must.
* Reading/grokking bad PHP code a big plus. Writing PHP code useful, since 
we'll be hacking in the twisted/python bits over time.
* Javascript/DHTML/AJAX(ugh, buzzowrd) familiarity needed in at least one 
hire, so a plus.
* Experience with C and ASM good in that it is a good predictor of your 
understanding of memory allocation and performance issues.
* Don't mention Java, unless it has caused a medical (eg mental health) 
problem we should know about. <grin>
* Understanding of performance and scalability principles and issues.

Work environment:
* Onsite in NYC/NY Metro area strongly preferred.
* Don't let the above deter you - we can make telecommuting work under the 
right conditions.
* Competitive compensation - I know what good people are worth and have 
managed to beat that into the management with a clue-by-four.
* Flex time - relaxed cluture - getting your job done is all that matters.

Shoot me a resume, CV, writeup of what you've done, absolutely anything. Put 
[twisted-resume] in the subject. Include your phone number, time zone and a 
good time to call. I'll respond to everyone.


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