[Twisted-Python] Some beginner questions about "twisted.names.client" and ".tac" environment

Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Sat Dec 17 19:05:32 EST 2005

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Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:
> You probably want to move most of your program out if "dns.tac" and into
> an importable Python module.  Code defined inside .tac files lives in a
> weird world where some surprising rules apply.

Any documentation about that?

> It's best to keep the
> .tac file as short as possible.  Generally, you just want to create an
> Application and give it some children, importing from modules the
> definitions of all classes and functions needed to set this up.

I reduced the "dns3.tac" to:


from twisted.application import service

application = service.Application("DNS test")

import sys
import dns3


All logic is in "dns3.tac". Basically the same code posted in my
previous message.

I have the very same problem with "reactor.stop()": repeated exceptions,
only stoppable using "kill -9".

I don't get the "give it some children" point. Could you post some
sample code?.

> Passing (60,) as the timeout might not be the best idea.  This will
> cause the DNS client to send one request and then wait 60 seconds for a
> response.  If either the request or the response is dropped (as often
> happens with UDP traffic), you will never get a result, and you will
> have to wait 60 seconds to discover this fact.

I'm resolving several thousand of domains, so one minute more or less is
not an issue. I don't want to retransmit since I'm using, so
losing request (in the same machine) should be rare (udp backlog
overflow, basically).

Some domains takes a long time to resolve. So if I use an small value I
load the server and get "Unexpected message (XXXXX) received from
('', 53)", caused because the DNS server gets a late answers
and my code already give up.

> If you don't want retransmission, a value of (15,) or so is probably
> better.

Then I get a lot of "unexpected DNS responses". Seems a fair number of
domains takes more than 15 seconds to fulfill the request :-p.

In any case this number is not really important. I'm more concerned
about the Twisted specific issues :p

> You can just use dns.MX here, instead of looking up "MX" in QUERY_TYPES.

Good point. Changes done.

> To customize the server used by the resolver, you may want to create
> your own resolver instance, rather than relying on the defaults guessed
> by the resolver automatically created in the client module.

Also a good point. Done and working fine.

How can I easily use the cache resolver?. My problem is updating the
cache when I get a response thru the network. In a long running daemon,
caching DNS when I'm serving several hundreds of email for day woul dbe
a big win.

Maybe with my own overloaded cache class, but seems an obvious addition
to standard twisted.names. :-? Maybe next release :-)

> Hmm.  The non-existence of the domain is hidden by the very last step in
> performing the lookup.  The Resolver class has a method, filterAnswers,
> which is used to turn a DNS response into the three-tuple of lists which
> all the lookup* methods return.  You may want to subclass Resolver and
> override filterAnswers to behave differently when the `message' argument
> it is given has an `rCode' attribute equal to twisted.names.dns.ENAME,
> which indicates the name requested does not exist.

That seems doable but an ugly hack :-). Perhaps a future "twisted.named"
release could include a flag to easily differenciate between missing RR
and nonexistent domain. Any hope?.

>> 3. How can I stop this ".tac"?. If I do "reactor.stop()", I get an
>> infinite error, repeated forever:
> reactor.stop() is the correct way to end the program.  If you still have
> this problem after you have split the program into multiple files,
> please post again.

Program splitted. Same problem :-/

The dode is basically the same that in my previous email. Moved 99% of
code to "dns3.py". The dns3.tac" is trivial:


from twisted.application import service

application = service.Application("DNS test")

import sys
import dns3


Help appreciated. Thanks for you time and efford.

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