[Twisted-Python] Rails? Twisted versus J2EE? Metaprogramming as self-modifying code?

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 05:54:33 EST 2005

John Benson wrote:
> Hi, I did some Python and Twisted two years ago got distracted, picked 
> up some IBM WebSphere certifications, got turned off by the verbosity of 
> J2EE and suspected that there was a cleaner way to do it.
> I just got through Bruce Tate's O'Reilly book /Beyond Java/ and am 
> hearing the siren call of Ruby on Rails. Tate is unwilling to champion 
> Ruby over Python or vice versa, but waxes poetic about Rails.
> I know there is a Rail-like Python project (Subway?) but I'd like to 
> know if there is a Rail-alike that works with Twisted.

Wrong place to ask really - twisted-web would be more appropriate.

Generally it's harder to be as "simple" as some of the Rails (mass 
produced) clones with async code, that being the entire point of Twisted.

But Divmod's Mantissa seems to be getting there - see innumerable recent 
posts by the guys here:


> Also, I'd like to hear about the advantages of J2EE over Twisted (if 
> any), especially in the scalability and MQ Series connectivity areas.

I care about nothing below this line in the email, so will let others 
comment! :o)

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