[Twisted-Python] pb references

Micky Latowicki ml.flex at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 04:17:48 EST 2005

> However, I keep getting the following error: "Can't send references to
> brokers other than their own." and I can't see why.

To get this kind of error, you need to have 3 parties communicating. Let's call
them A, B, and C.

A creates a referenceable object, and sends it to B.
The perpsective broker on B's side, upon receiving what A sent it,
creates an object called RemoteReference. A RemoteReference is an
object that
is the local representative for the Referenceable that was sent from
A. This means that you call callRemote using this RemoteReference.

Now, B is apparently trying to send this RemoteReference to some third
party, C. This is not allowed by twisted, possibly because that would
often require forwarding messages from C to A through B, which can be
inefficient and unreliable.

In short: you seem to be sending an reference you got through pb to
another pb peer, which is not allowed.

I hope that helps.

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