[Twisted-Python] How can a tcp client connect with multi servers?

Xu Ryan xuryans at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 01:44:17 EST 2005

I have a master machine ,that will control hundreds remote
servers(agent). It will send authenticate and command message to
remote agent. The master will run months. And I can't sure which
command will be sent, and when it will be sent. So I cann't write it
in codes as "reactor.callLater" then "reactor.run()".

I need sth like a task pool, I can push a command into it in anytime,
and the pool will send out the command immediately. Those commands
will be send to different agent.

The "other logic" is "pushing commands into the pool". It's unsure
before running.
> It's hard to know what you need here.  Can you elaborate more on this "other
> logic"?
> Note though that the callLater will also "make the sendCmd be called after the
> reactor run" -- although a clearer phrasing would be "make the sendCmd be called
> after the reactor starts", so I don't understand why it is inappropriate for
> you.
> Also, saying "the server(reactor)" suggests to me that you misunderstand the
> role of the reactor.  The reactor isn't your server; it's the event loop that
> runs all the networking Twisted does, servers, clients, whatever.  You don't
> want to stop and start it for each task, or have a seperate one for each task,
> it's a single object that handles the events that occur (like sockets receiving
> data) and dispatching them to the right object.
> -Andrew.
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Xu Ryans

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