[Twisted-Python] Another adbapi (and some Twisted goodness)

Mark Leonard mwl at point45.com
Wed Aug 31 11:43:57 EDT 2005

All this talk of adbapi's has finally prompted us to release our adbapi. 
It has been in use for about 10 months now on production sites and we 
consider it stable. It is also somewhat dbapi compliant.

Also included in the package is a useful function decorator: defertrap, 
analagous to twisted's defgen in that it enables generators to yield 
deferreds, resuming them upon callback and synchronously raising 
exceptions on errback.

Download the package here:

We put up a trac wiki, which at some point (soon) will be home for the 
svn repo of these modules. In the mean time it hosts some examples on 
using the adbapi and defertrap:

As more of our modules become fit for public consumption we'll be adding 
them to this package.


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