[Twisted-Python] laxdb - an async dbapi wrapper

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Wed Aug 31 08:31:11 EDT 2005


In response to the announcement of the Twisted Asynchronous Database Api
(tada), <http://www.darkarts.co.za/projects/tada/, I thought I should
mention something I wrote.

[Unfortunately, tada does not use threads correctly so it's likely to
break. The author knows this and has added a warning to the module for now.]

A while back, I started messing around with making a standard, blocking
db-api module appear non-blocking but with a deferred API. I called it
laxdb and it's in my sandbox.


laxdb is quite literally an async db-api interface and not a
t.enterprise.adbapi style interface. In particular, it provides exactly
the same API (but deferred) and it doesn't take over transaction
management. It also doesn't wrongly call a cursor, "Transaction" ;-).

I recently went back to laxdb and finished it off, also adding a
connection pool implementation.

Now, I haven't used laxdb in a real project and there are no unit tests
but I think it's reasonably complete. It should work with any dbapi
module that has threadsafety level 1 or higher, just like adbapi.

If there's interest in this way of accessing a database then I would be
happy to write tests etc, move it into Twisted and maintain it.

Cheers, Matt

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