[Twisted-Python] moral rights

Antoine Pitrou solipsis at pitrou.net
Tue Aug 23 07:37:20 EDT 2005

Just my 2 cents...

> Also, my own network of
> nebulous legal advice from dubious sources suggests that Australian
> contributors might want to seek legal advice about how to do copyright
> consignment: it was suggested to me that the status of your moral right
> to be identified as author needs to be firmly nailed down for the
> consignment to have any validity whatsoever.

In many continental Europe countries as well (including France), moral
rights of the author can't be given away - they are "fundamental rights"
of the author. For software, it mainly includes the right to be
mentioned and recognized as an author (or co-author).

Personally, I'm not quite convinced of the validity of copyright
assignments on a multi-national scale. There probably are very specific
(legal) wording requirements to be met that a free software project
can't afford to deal with. Of course, as long as the author doesn't try
to oppose and nullify the copyright assignment, there's no real problem.

(I know, GNU does it. But that still doesn't convince me, although I'm
rather pro-copyleft and pro-FSF ;-))



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